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In the studio, we love nothing more than getting a referral—it makes our hearts happy and our feet sing. Why? Referred business closes faster and is easier than a cold call or someone finding us via an internet search. (Yes, that still happens.) People are more likely to work with you when someone they know and trust recommended you. So ask existing clients to refer you on Facebook if they are happy with your services.


Yes….Facebook, we love it we hate it all in the same nanosecond but, Facebook has this awesome feature where users can ask their friends or a group they belong to for recommendations. A friend or group member can respond by typing the company’s Facebook page. Then Facebook provides a link to the business’s Facebook page with the name and picture right in the post. Not only does the original poster see the company, so does everyone who views the post. Often, people will “follow” the post if they are looking for the same type of recommendation.


To boost your chances for folks to reach out to you, thank the person who recommended by replying to their comment. This shows that you are active on Facebook and care when someone mentions your company.


So, how do you ensure you’re ready for all this referral candy? First, make sure your Facebook page is ready. Have everything filled out on the page: location (if you are brick and mortar), hours, telephone number, email address, website, and all the other features Facebook provides. Fill out as much as you can. Don’t leave anything blank if you have the info. People will look at your information before they call. Next, make sure you have a background image and profile picture that represent your brand. Usually, a business logo makes a good profile picture as this is what is displayed when users link to your page.


Contact us if you need help getting the referral machine called Facebook up and running.


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