1.  Update your website every two years

Website technology and how people consume the internet is constantly changing and so are Design trends both for you as an Interior Designer and for the web. Updating your website, it looks relevant and trendy, change out old project for your more recent work and ensure that it is mobile responsive since 56% of people now consume the web via a mobile device.


Interior Designer Portfolio

2.  Modernize your portfolio and make it a leave behind piece

You sit with a potential client and show them images of your current work and when you leave they are left with the memory of what they saw. Why not create a portfolio leave behind piece that they can review on their own on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and day dream about what their new room will look like.

3.   Identify and talk to a Niche Market (AKA your perfect client)

Interior Designer Trend

You as an Interior Designer can work with anybody. Good right, um no, not really. In trying to everything to everyone you are talking to no one in specific and creating a highly diluted message. In the era of personalization this goes against all current marketing advise. So identify a nich and talk to them. It could be companies looking to create  an open work space for their employees or new home owners wanting the latest trend in round furniture

4.   Offer clients support services like donating or reselling the old furniture you are replacing

If you have potential clients that are on the fence they offering to help them relocate their old furniture may be just the push they need to sign up with you. You can partner with local charities who will come and pick up for donation, consignment or resale.

5.   Old clients can be new again

Your database of clients is a wealth of re-occuring business if you have a way of continuing the conversation. The best way to do this is with a monthly email newsletter. This newsletter can contain tips on how to make small changes to refreash their look for the season to pictures of your most recent work and of course the latest trends that they really need to have now. Include an incentive/offer for them to work with you again.



If this feels overwhelming or you are just to busy to do this. Let us help. We have created and implemented projects for clients, just like you, in all of these areas of marketing. Contact Us